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I was tagged by sporty-clone. I didn’t even know tagging was a thing on here. Where have I BEEN?!?!?

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
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  • What is a fandom/show/anything that you really enjoy that you don’t post about: I’ve made the odd post about Superman but I don’t think I’ve emphasised what a huge Superman fangirl I am. And I always get comments on my never ending stream of different ‘S’ t-shirts. I think I have around 15 in total so far.
  • Describe the last dream you remember having: I just had a really adventurous dream about me and a colleague travelling through these different ‘zones’ and collecting items/avoiding detection. Like playing a video game in RL. I have weird dreams.
  • You’ve got a free day with no obligations, how do you spend it: I’ve had a few of these lately so can actually say. Woke up, surfed the net, gamed a bit on PC or 360 then dossed and watch one of my many TV shows. 
  • What was your first fandom and OTP? Are they still an OTP of yours?: My first proper OTP that made me seek out discussion and other fans was probably Haruka x Michiru from Sailor Moon (Don’t confuse this with the butchered American dub). They’re definitely still an OTP. They and the community were a huge part of my life as a teen. I even became a moderator there.
  • Geekiest/most fandom driven thing you own: I still have my giant Dianna that I hustled from the cinema at the height of my fangirling in 2011. Only she’s behind the wardrobe now. I brought her out just for this pic:
  • If money wasn’t a problem and you could get take two weeks off, what would you do: I would travel around Japan seeing the bustling technology filled cities to the serene mountain temples. :)
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner? And what is your go to meal for it: Dinner and anything with pasta.
  • Piercings and tattoos? How many do you have or if not, what would you want: 2 tattoos, one on my inner left wrist and one at the top of my back. Ear lobes pierced but I don’t wear anything in them anymore. Top of my ears pierced twice on each with various rings and studs in.
  • How was your weekend? Introverted. I’ve got a lot going on in with work and friendships atm and needed a weekend to switch off and be alone.
  • A movie/book/tv show/anime/whatever that’s not out and you’re looking forward to: Dragon Age: Inquisition.

My questions for you:

  • What was the last book you read?
  • What were the last 5 things that you bought?
  • What is your biggest ‘What if’?
  • Put your MP3/Music program on full shuffle. What are the first 5 songs?
  • What was the last concert/play you saw?
  • Has anything happened to you that felt like karma?
  • Do you have any nicknames?
  • What is your current desktop picture?
  • Do you believe in the paranormal?
  • Stealing from above: Geekiest/most fandom driven thing you own?

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Gail: Hey, did you lose your magical girl guide sash? You know, the one that bestows all your extra nice superpowers? You loved that sash.
Andy: That’s funny. That’s really funny.

McPeck, 5x08

Is “Girl Guide” a Canadian thing?

Nah, must be Commonwealth, because we call them that in Aus too.

Checks out. Definitely a thing in England. 

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