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'BARE' synopsis


'Sarah, a young girl living in a small desert town in Nevada, becomes romantically involved with a female drifter who leads her into a life of drugs, stripping, and psychedelic spiritual experiences.' - Source

Dianna Agron playing a gay role? Are we ready for this?

Anonymous said: The funny thing to me about the Shoot scene is that Shaw doesn't at all look surprised to see Root. So not happening, but now I'm imagining that Root comes in every day (to stop Shaw from murdering anyone) and Shaw's co-workers totally notice and one day someone is like "so your girlfriend..." and Shaw is all "What. What. What? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. NO WAY. NOT AT ALL." And then her co-workers start to call Root her not-girlfriend and all Shaw can do is grind her teeth. (Root totally knows.)


I am tired, like really tired so I’m not going to bother trying to add anything because this is already gold. THank you for sharing. You’re wonderful, anon.

And feel free to come back and either continue or share whatever else is on your mind!!

I need this in a fic. Kthanxbai.